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Wedding Arch

Check out this simple but Effective arch for a wedding ceremony.Add a natural look to a Country club wedding with an arrangement that is elegant and natural.Curly Willow Hydrangeas roses with vials hanging from the branches. Chambliss Design in Lexington,Ky. designed another innovative and creative look for the Bride who wanted her unique vision in her wedding.

My all time favorite flowers

I would like to start with lily of the valley.These sweet little gems are in my top 5 are rare and only bloom in the spring for only a month.The scent is wonderful and always remind me of Springtime.They were used in the royal bouquet of duchess Kate and Prince William,They are classic and timeless.Lily of the valley have a magical quality .

Peonies are another favorite flower,They are romantic and soft with a feather like texture.A larger blossom with a subtle scent are used a lot in Bridal bouquet.Peonies are grown in many colors and are a sweet old fashioned flower.

Gardenias have one of the most amazing scents of all flowers.I consider them the queen of flowers.Pure and white in color with an unusual texture and dark waxy foliage.They are very delicate and only last a few days.

Roses will always be a favorite.A garden rose is nothing like the roses will see everyday,A garden is so different from the roses that has been grown for flowers,A true garden rose has an beautiful scent and soft delicate petals.There are a few garden roses grown for florists that are very similar such as  David Austin and are just as delightful.

A few other flowers I would like to mention are sweet peas and snow flakes.Chambliss Design will always use a garden flower when possible, as makes a flowers arrangement so irresistible.





Chambliss Design made 100 of these stunning peony wedding centerpieces for a gorgeous wedding.The flower centerpieces contained at least 30 peonies and each table had grouping of 3 wedding centerpieces.This was truly a lush opulent look.This floral design was over the top but would transform any wedding regardless of the size.These beautiful little jewels would also create a charming look for even the smallest event.


Country Barn wedding centerpieces

Mason jars floral centerpieces

Perfect for a wedding in a barn.Chambliss Design of Lexington Ky can design the perfect look for an easy rustic look for your wedding in a barn, or any other natural venue. Many Brides opt for a more relaxed look for their wedding.This centerpiece also has a look that has relaxed beauty but keeping in spirit with the Bride who wants a more natural look,The flowers include mums roses hydrangeas and asters in mason jars on a wood coaster tied with raffia.

Country Barn wedding centerpieces

Country Barn wedding centerpieces