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The Romance Of Flowers

This is your Wedding and  your time to dream. A time to allow yourself the enjoyment of gorgeous flowers with some of  the most cherish people in your life.I love flowers and I am so fortunate as a floral designer  to create and work with flowers. I think every Bride should surround herself with flowers on her wedding day.Follow your heart and understand the beauty flowers bring to your Wedding and Wedding photos. Hollie Chambliss is the Floral Designer who creates most of the Floral Arrangements and Bouquets for Chambliss Design.

Flowers only

We love flowers! Chambliss Design in Lexington Kentucky specializes in pave flowers Arrangements.This style is created by using flowers only and mounding them in abundant clusters.It takes more flowers but pave arrangements are simply stunning and more enjoyable  without added greenery or fillers. It takes a little more skill and flowers but we think the result speaks volumes.

Elegant and Natural

  Perfect for a wedding in a natural setting. A beautiful Bridal Bouquet designed by Chambliss Design.This bride chose a winery for her wedding and the reception was held in the Barn.Elegant and natural, her flower bouquet was filled with flower of peonies,garden roses,lily of the valley,gardenias and many other wonderful offerings from a local Farm to table provider. This bouquet will always be beautiful in her Wedding Photos and will outshine trends that come and go.