About the Designer – Hollie Chambliss

Hollie Chambliss Florist Lexington KY

  Hollie Chambliss Florist Lexington KY

About the Designer - Hollie Chambliss

Floral Design with 30 years Experience

Hollie Chambliss has been a floral designer for over 30 years.  She started CHAMBLISS DESIGN in 2000.  Hollie’s creative nature is quite evident in her designs.  From simple to extravagant, Hollie’s artistry is expressed in every element of her floral arrangements.  She has a strong sense of aesthetics and creativity in her expressions of beauty.  Flowers are a way to fulfill her need for expressing her inner view of the world.  She wants to help her clients express their true feelings and creativity in her floral designs.  With each design she is intimately involved with all aspects of the floral project.

Her work featured in prestigious publications

Her flower arrangements have been featured in several prestigious publications and she has worked events of such as Super Bowl 46 (2012).  Chambliss Design has been featured in Keeneland Magazine- Winter 2007, Winter 2011, In House Beautiful, May 2013, and the book “Linens” by author Jane Scott Hodges.  She takes delight in doing projects of all sizes.  She gives the same attention to detail and expertise in floral design in all of her flower arrangements.  Chambliss Design does flowers for weddings of all size and scope, from the simplest to the most extravagant. Hollie is more flexible than a typical florist and provide services for several cities, including Louisville, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Chicago and New York.  Her ability to serve such a broad market, gives her a unique and open perspective.

No project too small

Chambliss Design is based in Lexington, Kentucky. Hollie is happy to provide all services, such as daily orders, memorials and funerals, luncheons, events and weddings. No project is too small. Chambliss Design is looking forward to serving all of your floral needs.